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My Get Sexy Movement experience began on May 16, 2017 with a $2 Tuesday Special at Cuetopia.  I had friends, Mya & Dominque McPherson who had been going to Boot Camp for quite sometime and had amazing results!  Class was tough and still is nearly a month later, I remember after my first class the next day my body was extremely sore. Walking up and down flights of stairs hurt, with each and every step. Fast forward to now, I am no longer that sore after class, I have gained a new circle of friends, we come together in our new home (The Get Sexy Movement Fitness Studio), and classes are offered 7 days a week in mornings and evenings.  WE HAVE OPTIONS NOW!  There is nothing more beautiful than the sisterhood that we have because we motivate each other, inspires each other, sweat with each other, support each other, and laugh together.  I have been to many gyms, but The Get Sexy Movement was designed for us.  We have workout that incorporate both our music and our culture plus I’m surrounded by beautiful black queens of various body shapes & ages!  The Get Sexy Movement has been great for me both mentally and physically and I can’t wait to see what I look like one year from now.  Kudos to Ashley, our founder and trainer without her none of this would be possible!
 - Naomi Russell

I remember one day in January 2017 waking up and just feeling tired. I was tired of making excuses, tired of the bad habits and tired of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. I confided in a friend about my health and she invited me to join her for Get Sexy Movement boot camp. At first I was hesitant, but I knew it was time to do more if I wanted to actually achieve my fitness goals. I showed up one Tuesday night in mid February for turbo kick and haven't I missed a beat since! Get sexy Movement has become a lifestyle for me. Ashley has actively challenged me, but more importantly has given me a fitness home and a sense of self-confidence that I flaunt each and everyday! Working out is now something I love rather than dread. It allows me to be surrounded by beautiful strong women who encourage each other to give their all, be confident, and to never give up! My journey with Get Sexy Movement is far from over! I look forward to continue teaching Trap Zumba and encouraging new/old boot camp babes to love them selves inside and out!

-Rena D.

My name is Kiara and I joined Get Sexy Movement January 26, 2017. I was at that time almost four months postpartum. I was very insecure
and uncomfortable with gyms because although I know I just had a baby judging eyes at the gym could care less. I knew of Ashley through a
mutual friend and decided I would give her a try and sweet-talked my cousin into going to one of her Tuesday boot camp classes. That night
changed my perspective of a lot of things! Right of the bat I knew that this would be more than a fitness journey. The girls were so welcoming, supportive and helpful during camp. Even though Ashley was giving us the workout of our lives, everyone had smiles! Everyone was encouraging each other to make it through that last 15 seconds of the station. I could tell these ladies meant more to Ashley than a quick
buck. She cared for them. She wanted to help them reach their fitness goals no matter if it the person wanted to lose 5 or 50lbs not just for looks but also for their health. For me, that made a world of difference between her and any other trainer I've ever worked with. From that night on my cousin and I were hooked. Eating healthy and a consistent workout schedule have become habit! Within my first two weeks joining Get Sexy Movement I had dramatic results. In a short 6 months my results have been nothing short of AMAZING. The sisters I've gained in this experience, I love just as they were my family.  It's more than a boot camp, it's more than working out. There's a bond, a sisterhood! The connection we've made goes further than the gym. I draw encouragement daily and enjoy encouraging others as we reach small victories to our grand goal. I've not only lost ALOT of inches off my waist but the confidence I've gained is something that can't be bought in store. I’m only 20 pounds of away from my pre-pregnancy weight and I look forward to melting that away with the best trainer and boot camp babes in

the city!

-Kiara Skinner

GET SEXY MOVEMENT.... If you would have asked me 5 months ago the meaning behind these 3 words I honestly wouldn't have been able to
explain ... Here I am 6 months in with amazing weight loss results. I'll try to define my experience along with what I think GET SEXY MOVEMENT means to me ... Here it goes I walked in to this movement with no intentions on losing weight let along seeing any change. I looked at it as going to yet another workout class just to say that I "Worked Out" ...upon completion of the class I then realized yet again that I was out of being me decided to give it a go and come back ...No the second class wasn't any better but I knew at that point I needed to make a change ... the trainer pushed you in a way that made you want to keep going despite how tired you were ...Okay so let's break this down ...GET- getting the best workouts you can and not letting anything come between that just simply Getting FIT. SEXY - hard work and determination will end in SEXY results PERIOD!! And lastly MOVEMENT- this has been an amazing 6 months thus far and I can't imagine it any other way...this MOVEMENT is truly a sisterhood of women who uplift and inspire each other to strive for greatness ...I've seen results and will never backtrack again I've worked to hard to fail now. As always I will continue to tell my story and hope to inspire other women to join the movement. #GET SEXY MOVEMENT

-Candice Ellis

I enjoy learning with the girls in the class and just having fun in a judgement-free zone

-Yiz <3

Sexy chair has given me the opportunity to embrace my sensuality and become more comfortable in my skin


The instructors are awesome! From young to old, beginner to fit and skinny to thick, they modify the dances so that everyone has a chance to feel confident and sexy.


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