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Hello there! I'm Ashley, the founder of Get Sexy Movement, LLC. My fitness journey ignited when I realized my life revolved around a demanding career and relationship that weren't bringing the fulfillment I craved. I felt the weight of disappointment when both aspects of my life weren't thriving. That's when I made a pivotal decision to prioritize myself.

As women, we often place our needs last, forgetting that caring for ourselves is crucial for caring for others. We have only one body, no substitutes. My personal transformation began with Herbalife Supplements. Witnessing incredible changes in my own body, I felt compelled to share this "wealth" with other women by becoming a distributor of the products.

Recognizing that many women shared similar struggles, I partnered with The Dollhouse Studios to create the Healthy Happy Hour for women, a successful initiative that's been thriving for nearly three years. However, my desire to reach even more women led me to become a Certified Personal Trainer (American Council of Exercise) and a Women's Fitness Specialist (NASM). I worked in various settings - big-box gyms, parks, recreational centers, and even Cuetopia II Billiards - but found it challenging to create an environment where women could truly let their guards down.

This challenge inspired the birth of my vision: transforming Get Sexy Movement into more than just a movement but into a boutique-style fitness center. I've achieved a personal milestone of shedding 90 pounds in fat while gaining 29 pounds in muscle. Remarkably, I've maintained a soft, feminine physique throughout this transformation and I'm enthusiastically dedicated to helping many more individuals redefine their relationship with working out.

Join me on this empowering journey of achieving fitness goals while embracing a redefined approach to wellness for women! 

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