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New Year, Same You???

Why make a New Year's Resolution to get fit/lose weight......when you always fail!🤦🏾‍♀️ But, are you really failing or are you giving up? What makes you give up? Imagine what you could actually achieve, if you stuck to your New Year's Resolution.

The problem is a year sounds like a long time. So, you start off good, then you mess up and then it's...I'll start back next week.....Next week turns into next month.... next month turns into, " when I get my tax return"..... that turns into this Summer..... that turns into when the kids get back in school.....or after football/cheerleading/ (insert your child's activity here) season is over..... that turns into after the holidays and that brings us back to a New Year's Resolution! I'm not so naive, that I can't admit that life happens and sometimes gets us off track, but why is that we allow EXCUSES (because that's what they are) to keep us from working on the one thing that was for US and will benefit us forever??? I often say that women put themselves at the bottom of every list, outside of superficial things..... but you only get one body and there are no replacements. If you don't get this body right, you won't be here to take care of any of those people or things. Most women that I come in contact with know that their diet is bad or they really want to look better, but that is not enough to keep them motivated. We have to find the real underlying motivator for weight loss, in order to stick to it. If we are not honest with ourselves, then we will almost certainly fail. For me, I started my journey when everything in my life was rocky, I was newly single and my job wasn't going well, either. I felt as if I had made my whole life about those two things and I wasn't quite sure who I was without them. I saw a doctor that suggested that I take Prozac and for me that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I am not denouncing medication or belittling anyone who needs it, by any means. Because the truth of the matter is that I needed it and the thought that I needed it from the loss of a man shook me to my core. I needed to channel my anxieties and lose weight, so exercise, Herbalife, and eating healthy all became my sanity. I had wanted to lose weight a million times, but this time I had found my underlying motivation in not wanting to be medicated because of a break up. I empathize with putting myself last and making excuses, but once I chose me, I was actually able to stick to my New Year's Resolution. That year, I lost 60lbs! The fact that I lost so much weight brings me to my final point.......Not seeing Results is a huge reason why we give up!! We are impatient, unrealistic, not honest with ourselves, we compare ourselves with others (typically via social media 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️), and we don't even have a good workout plan....But, we expect to lose 30lbs in a month. Remember, good things take time and that your results are a reflection of the effort that you are giving it. This is a marriage, you can't go in expecting to cheat every week and wonder why it's not working out. It's not going to work out, if you are not doing your part. If you are eating correctly and working out, don't be hard on yourself! You're losing inches faster than pounds, you are changing, and you are looking better in your clothes. Find a good affirmation to speak positivity into your journey. Re

sults will be manifest, if you are doing your part, don't compare yourself, this is a personal journey! You may have given up before, but it doesn't matter how many times you start. Don't let excuses convince you to delay your journey! Get honest with yourself and find your true motivation behind wanting to do this! This is your journey, manifest your first successful New Year's Resolution!

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La Donna Williams
La Donna Williams

I absolutely love this!! And this is so true especially for myself which I decided that I come before everyone and anyone including my grandbaby 😁. I may ha e a week moment but it's just that a moment. In time I will be the best me I'm meant to be!! 2019 is my year

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